Jan 4, 2023

ST PHARM participated in 2023 JP Morgan healthcare conference

- ST Pharm attends the 41st JP Morgan Healthcare Conference held in San Francisco from January 9th to 12th.

- At this event, ST Pharm will have a partnering meeting with a number of global bio pharmaceutical companies regarding oligo and mRNA CDMO contracts and xRNA platform technology transfer to discuss various business alliance plans.

- Also, at the Biotech Showcase event held at the same time, ST Pharm's US subsidiaries, Levatio Therapeutics and Vernagen, will be selected as presenters to present company introductions and major core technologies.

- Levatio introduces a neo-antigen cancer vaccine and autoimmune disease treatment using the circular RNA platform technology built so far. In particular, CEO Ji Hyun-bae was invited to the session on ‘Oncology: Moving Faster and Smarter to Improve Patient Outcomes’ and will attend as a presenter of a panel session on prospects for new anti-cancer drug development and strategic direction for rapid anti-cancer drug development.

- Vernagen will introduce a number of mRNA vaccine pipelines to prevent various infectious diseases such as RSV and SFTSV, which are underway with Emory University in the US and Duke University in Singapore. In particular, Vernagen signed a joint development agreement with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to develop a Hartland Virus mRNA vaccine.