Small Molecule & Generics

Core strength (Small molecule)

Experience with
authorized global pharma & quality systems
  • 1High profile GMP integrity
  • 2A proven API partner from development to launch
  • 3Strong track record in anti-viral APIs
  • 4One-stop service from Process, Analytical, CMC

Core strength (Generic)

Focusing on
technically challenging & brand generics
  • 1MRI contrast media
  • 2Tuberculosis and anti-infective portfolio

Small molecules CDMO & generic

We can help you to bring your high quality products to market on time
Strong background in small molecular new drugs and technically challenging brand generics
Process and reaction capable
  • Simulated moving bed(SMB) and continuous flow technology (CFT)
  • High-pressured and cryogenic
  • Hydrogenation and other specialty reactions available
  • Micronizing and milling with different types/scales
  • Thin film evaporator and short path distillation
  • Filter & dryer, horizontal/vertical centrifuges, freeze dryer
  • Enzymatic biotransformation
Supports by process R&D and analytic group
  • Upscale/downscale model studies using calorimeters/DSC
  • Crystallization study using Crystal 16 and downscale model devices
  • DOE/QbD/PPQ and CMC/RA filing supports
  • Analytical supports (AMD/T/Q/V)


Capacity (Small Molecule & Generics)
Small Molecule
Commercial Plant (L)
3,000 – 7,000
3,000 – 7,000
Kilo/Pilot Plant (L)

Kilo: 50 – 100

Pilot: 200 – 500

Kilo: 100

Sector 3/4: 500 – 2,000