Oligonucleotide & Monomer

Oligonucleotide & Monomers CDMO

  • 1Global top-3 positioned service
  • 2Fully Integrated capability
  • 3Sugars, Nucleosides to Phosphoramidites

Monomer CDMO

The only manufacturer of integrated-capability of oligos & monomer in the global market

Nucleoside Monomer

Nucleoside Monomer

Protected Nucleosides

Protected Nucleosides




  • asiRNA/microRNA
  • bAntisense
  • cAptamer
  • dDecoys
  • eOther novel oligos
Innovative manufacturing system & platform
  • Supplied nucleoside-API's for global pharma since 1980’s
  • The first production of oligo based on GMP in 2008
  • World’s only monomer/oligo “one-stop” manufacturing system
  • Excellent experiences with global pharma & quality system

ST PHARM's Oligonucleotide CDMO

The seamless CDMO Service from Monomer to Oligonucleotide
Demonstrated the superiority of global level-oligo CDMO business
Strong track record
  • Well-established tech transfer and scale up production with 15 years experience for over 20 GMP oligos manufactured including Phase III and commercialized uses for US and Europe clients
  • Selected as Asia-Pacific’s Top Oligonucleotide API Manufacturer and Korea’s first company to be awarded with ‘2018 Global API Manufacturing (Oligonucleotide) Growth Excellence Leadership Award’ from Frost & Sullivan
  • Roche CDMO Award 2019 : Oligo New Drug (First in global), Small Molecule New Drug (First in Asia)

Facility & Capacity (Oligo Plant)

Capacity (Oligonucleotide)
R&D Facility
(4mmol scale) × 4
DOE study
low dose clinical
Pilot Plant
(200mmol scale) × 2
Large-scale Plant
6.4 mole scale (2022)
10.2 mole scale (2024)
14.0 mole scale (2026)
(Expansion, on going)
Clinical or Commercial
(Low volume)
Sihwa Campus
Sihwa Campus

Oligo R&D Center

Oligo Pilot Plant

Banwol Campus
Banwol Campus

Oligo the 1st Plant
(Commercial scale)

the 2nd Oligo Plant