Jan 15, 2024

ST PHARM, Pirmitegravir (STP0404), HIV: Three trials to watch in 2024

- The Pirmitegravir (STP0404) clinical trial (NCT05869643) has been featured in the Clinical Trials Arena as an “HIV: Three trials to watch in 2024”.
- According to the article, "The novel MoA could help in the fight against resistance and could be longer lasting than current therapies which would improve the quality of life for HIV patients.”
- “In Phase I, Pirmitegravir was shown to be well tolerated with a consistent pharmacokinetic profile supporting once-daily dosing. With Phase II data eagerly anticipated, Pirmitegravir will be one to watch in 2024.”
- As such, the world is watching the Pirmitegravir (STP0404) clinical trial closely.

[Clinical Trials Arena, HIV: Three trials to watch in 2024]